Philippians 1:27-30

Philippians 1:27-30

Believing & Suffering: A Life Worthy of the Gospel

Sermon Text: Philippians 1:27-30
Sermon Big Idea: As we live lives worthy of the Gospel, our behavior will reveal our beliefs, give evidence of salvation from God and result in suffering.  

Sermon Reflections:

  1. Does your life reflect unity with the body of Christ? Or are you isolated from the body?
  2. Do you consider your actions often to see whether you are living in a way that honors the gospel?
  3. Does your life show evidence that the gospel has taken root in your life? Where?
  4. Have you died to self-interest? Laziness? Fear? 
  5. Do you have a tendency to blend in with the world like a chameleon? Or do you obey and follow Christ in humility, no matter how costly it may be?
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